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- At the international arrivals gate as soon as you go out AFTER customs, right infront a coordinator will be waiting for you. He will show a Hostel Shuttle sign located in the international arrivals gate. Terminal A (Attention! Aerolineas Argentinas arrives to Terminal B, so if you are coming with AR, you have to change terminals) 

- The coordintor is located beside the EZEIZA TAXI stand and a few meters behind the glass fence right infront of the international arrivals gate. You can check the map and picture attached for a faster search of our meeting point.

- While you are waiting with our coordinator he will give you specific information of the arrival schedule. During the time planned a driver with RED Hostel Shuttle sign will pick you up. 

- Please don´t despair and don´t take a taxi because there is a risk of being overpriced.

- If anything happens and you cant find us, you can call our shuttle help desk local phone. Dial: 4511-8723 or 4250-7286

-If your plane is late or you stayed too much at the free shop, WE CAN´T WAIT FOR YOU. Sorry! We have to go back to Buenos Aires to pick up the guys who are taking the flights out. In that case, you can wait for the next Shuttle available, or you can take an alternative way of transportation on your charge. Remember that the Hostel Shuttle is a regular service. Not a private one.